Purify Mind-Body-Spirit


Breathwork has been used for spiritual and physical purification by many cultures since ancient times with names like Connected Breath, Rebirthing, Prana, Chi, Mana, and even as the Holy Spirit.

Breathwork is one of the most powerful modalities that can strengthen and deepen our spiritual connection to the boundless energy of our true self and Source. This simple modality lifts and lightens us physically, mentally, and emotionally offers countless positive healing benefits.

Breathwork helps facilitate an overall improvement in mind, body and Spirit with its lightening fast ability to channel needed energy to our entire being. Through this guided process we release and heal traumas from this life including all past lifetimes granting us almost immediate relief to our bodies, minds and Spirits energies. Emotions, tensions and stress can then freely float away. Additionally, Breathwork raises metabolism, increases elimination of bodily toxins, stimulates cellular rejuvenation and activates the body’s natural ability to relieve pain.

In this important process we regain the parts we lost at a previous time granting us the blessings of a healthier more vibrant karma free life.

As the process takes place, people often experience a greater sense of aliveness and overall wellbeing with most having an experience of increased connection to Spirit and access to transcendental experiences. Breathwork can be used for successfully reaching almost any personal or professional goals.


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