Entities, Attachments & Exorcisms


Attachments are quite common and are part of everyday life.  All attachments, entities and possessions are energy, with all being uniquely individual bringing a wide range of issues to its host.  These energies can reside anywhere within a hosts existence Mind-Body-Spirit and with their removal being obviously very important.

These energies impact people in various ways such as promoting poor behaviors, depression, mental and physical illnesses, relationship and family difficulties, coming in all types and intensities ranging from causing a person to be distracted, fearful, uncertain, angry, bipolar, having a “cloudy mind”, and so on.

For some this experience maybe only a distraction, but with others it can be an extremely powerful experience from a possession so strong their hosts may not realize they are being possessed.  Removing these powerful attachments of negative entities is referred to as exorcisms.

Where do intense possessions come from?  Many possessions often are transferred from one person to another during a traumatic event(s) such as war, sexual assault, physical and verbal abuse, and so on, the list is endless.  When a person is in a weakened or distracted state of mind, body or spirit, it’s easier for entities to attach.

In spite of the movie versions of dramatic and religious exorcisms, real-life exorcisms don’t need special rituals to successfully release strong attachments.  In fact, elaborate rituals are more of a distraction for a successful exorcism and tend to lessen its effectiveness.

The most effective method for extracting unwanted energies is for the exorcism process to be channeled and guided by the Spirit(s) present.  Successful exorcisms are all about “reaching a state of higher energy” for both practitioner and client so that this energy is overshadowed by the high energies present and leaves.

Although an exorcism can be performed just about anywhere, it’s best to be in a private space.  This helps ensure less distractions to all.   A person that has had an extreme exorcism typically needs time and support afterwards to complete the healing process sometimes for many months.

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