Reiki Mastery


Master Teacher, Reiki I, II and III


Having a deeper connection to energy is the most important thing I can imagine.  Connection to energy means super enhanced Psychic abilities allowing us to see, hear and feel whats going on all around us plus what others are experiencing.  This leads to tremendous understandings of not only whats going on but how we can better interact and engage to be more “in service” to all things.

My practice is based on connecting to energy, not the modality’s of should’s and should nots. Energy is all things and is beyond description wiser then any human.  This means we get out of the way allowing that wiser power to flow to and through us. Reiki is wonderful however the most important parts of Reiki are the attunements and understanding that it’s not us, its not Reiki, its the wiser all knowing flowing all around us 24/7.

As a Reiki master and teacher for many years I have seen powerful healing results including shifting and freeing debilitating energy entities and blocks.  Energy work helps us all clear past, present and future karma.  We are naturally the product of all the lifetimes in the journey that has brought us to this current life.

Sessions, Classes and workshops are all natural healing methods.

If you are eager to increase your knowledge and skills I am happy to help you do so.

Reiki I Classes – Open to all who want to learn about Reiki
Reiki II Classes – Focus on strengthening Reiki skills and performing Reiki on others
Reiki III Classes – At this mastery level, participants are trained and ready to teach Reiki


Text or call Paul Gangnier at (208) 720-7202.