Transforming Services


Entities, Attachments and Exorcisms are quite common and are a part of everyday life for many.  Each is uniquely individual and can… READ MORE


Professionalism and confidence are the most important factors in granting you the space to relax and let go.  Creating a deep hypnotic state allows us to bypass the conscious mind and communicate… READ MORE

Reiki Mastery

Reiki Master and Teacher, Paul Gangnier channels powerful healing results by shifting and freeing clients’ debiltating energy blocks… READ MORE


Breathwork has been used for spiritual and physical purification by many cultures since ancient times with names like Connected Breath, Rebirthing, Prana, Chi, Mana, and even as the Holy Spirit.… READ MORE

Intuited Pressure Point & Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese practice of manual therapy that focuses on applying pressure to the feet and hands using… READ MORE

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